School Wide Recycle Station poster

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Every classroom in Horry County public schools has the opportunity and should be recycling paper through the Horry County Solid Waste Authority's (SWA) Classroom Paper Recycling Program. Each school is provided with classroom recycling bins and designated roll carts for free from the SWA. Each classroom should have one recycling bin, in which students can easily recycle classroom paper. Newspapers and commingle recycling should be recycled separately from classroom paper. Bins for commingle and classroom trash for each classroom have been provided by Horry County Schools Facilities. 

Have students create a poster for classrooms to utilize to encourage both Classroom Paper Recycling and Commingle Recycling. The poster should be duplicated and hung above each Classroom Recycling Station to identify what goes where and makes the choice easy for other students.

To receive points, please submit the following to

Education@solidwasteauthority.org or text your Recycling Coordinator:

  • Photos of 5 classrooms with posters above recycling stations

  • Photos of students utilizing the recycling station