Landfill and recycling

facilities field trip!

2 points


Have you ever been to a landfill to actually see where your trash goes? The HCSWA offers free field trips to your school and will give you a tour of the landfill, recycling facility, and composting area. This provides students with a look at the next step in the cycle of their waste. The lives of many materials end in the landfill while others will go on to be recycled or composted. Click Here to find the Field Trip form for additional information. Please complete the form and submit them to the HCSWA to have the field trip scheduled. Submit the request at least thirty days in advance so that it can be scheduled. Tours are scheduled on a first come, first serve basis and the HCSWA is limited in the number of tours that can be provided in a day. The students that go on the field trip should tell the rest of the school what they saw and learned at the landfill, recycling facility, and composting area.

At least 40 students should attend the field trip to earn points for this challenge.


To receive your challenge points, please submit the following to,

  •   Photos of the field trip group

  • At least three student testimonials

  • about what they learned and/or reactions