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Landfill and recycling

facilities field trip!

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Have you ever been to a landfill to see where your trash goes? The SWA offers FREE field trips to tour the landfill, recycling facility, and composting area where all HCS food waste goes. In addition, if you cannot come to us, we will come to you with a FREE presentation to interact with your students to discuss the importance of our environment and recycling.


At the landfill, you will see what happens with your garbage and what happens to the food waste composted with Horry County Schools. This trip is a favorite of everyone and one to be remembered!  In addition, we will tour the Materials Recycling Facility (MRF) that processes and sorts the recyclables from all over the county. The experience lasts about 2 hours and is completely free! The SWA will reimburse the school for the cost of bus mileage. Come out and learn the importance of waste reduction and saving landfill space by touring the landfill and recycling facility.


Tours/presentations applications can be found at

Challenge: Schedule a field trip/presentation. To receive your challenge points, please submit student testimonials to

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