VideO diary challenge

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Submit a video of students making their strongest argument for why everyone should recycle and what efforts your school has gone to this year to make it more environmentally friendly.


The video challenge invites the school, students,

teachers, staff, administration and parents to reflect

on not only the basics of recycling, but of

sustainability, resource conservation, and

environmental stewardship. This activity will

empower students and facilitators to demonstrate how

their school is conserving resources, reducing

pollution, and increasing the life of Horry County's

landfill by encouraging increased recycling

participation in their schools. The contest will also

serve as a learning tool for participating students

by providing lessons in ecology, art, drama,

technology, marketing and team work.


Contest Criteria

Create an innovative video encouraging recycling and culminating your school's progress this year. This video should be no longer than then minutes and should include student testimonials. Points for the Talkin' Trash Contest will be based on uniqueness, creativity, and the best portrayal of how you spread the word on recycling, composting, and landfill diversion. Show and tell us what you did this year during the Talkin' Trash program and why you are the greenest school in Horry County!

We really want to see videos and photos of your school completing challenges throughout the competition but please be mindful of any media-denied students that may be participating.

Videos may be submitted as a DVD/CD, SchoolTube/Youtube link, or Media file.

Once videos are uploaded to or, links may be emailed to: 

Media Files may also be emailed. DVD/CD entries may be mailed to:

Horry County Solid Waste Authority,

1886 Highway 90, Conway, SC 29526.

Schools can only submit one video and each entry must contain the school's name, grade level of students (multiple grades may participate) contact phone number, teacher name, and email to be considered.

Deadline for submission is MARCH 31, 2020 at 5:00PM.