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VideO diary challenge

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The video challenge invites the school, students, teachers, staff, administration, and parents to reflect on not only the basics of recycling, but on sustainability, resource conservation, and environmental stewardship.

This activity will empower students and facilitators to demonstrate how their school is conserving resources, reducing pollution, and increasing the life of Horry County’s landfill by encouraging increased recycling participation.


The contest will also serve as a learning tool for 

participating students by providing lessons in ecology, art, drama, technology, marketing and team work.


Challenge: Create and submit a video encouraging recycling and the efforts being taken to reduce waste. Show and tell us what you did this year during the Talkin’ Trash program and why you are the greenest school/home in Horry County! Ideas for project include using photos from previous challenges.


We really want to see videos and photos of your students completing challenges throughout the competition, but please be mindful of any media-denied students that may be participating.


Videos may be submitted by liaison as a SchoolTube/YouTube link or Media File.

Links may be emailed to

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