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Parent engagement: project recycling

2 points

By recycling at school, students, teachers, staff, administration, and parents can learn not only the basics of recycling, but of sustainability, resource conservation, and environmental stewardship.

In this challenge, present information

about your school's recycling and

waste management program at

school orientation, assemblies,

events, or parent/teacher meetings.

You could have guest speakers

(e.g. county recycling coordinator)

participate to explain more about

what happens to materials once it

leaves the site or have an interactive

booth available for parents and

guardians to learn more about how

waste is being addressed at school and what they can do at home.

You may want to identify a parent recycling mentor who works with the Sustainability Liason and Composting Coordinator at your school as well.

Ideas for Parent Engagement at your school:

  • Go Green Day to inform parents of environmental activities at school. Invite guest speakers out to talk about the landfill, have a Trashion Fashion Show, kids play instruments from recycled items, recycled relay, etc.

  • Have students write articles about current sustainability projects to be included in parent newsletters.

  • Students educate their parents and guardians about the importance of recycling.

  • Students draft a school brochure that provides an overview of the environmental programs at the school which can be made available to parents.

  • Have students make a presentation to the School Improvement Council on the current sustainability programs and what their vision is for the future of the school.

  • Have students teach the adult visitors in the cafeteria how too recycle and compost.

To receive points, please submit the following to

Education@solidwasteauthority.org or text your Recycling Coordinator:

  • Summary of Project

  • Any corresponding written documents or reports

  • At least three parent testimonials describing what parents learned

  • At least three student testimonials about what their experience had been

  • Photos

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