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COMMUNITY Litter Cleanup


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Litter is a major issue plaguing Horry County and it is particularly important that we all make efforts to reduce the litter in our communities and clean up where we can. The litter you find on your roadways and even on your school's campus have negative environmental impacts and will have lasting impacts on our beaches, waterways, and oceans. Plants and animals living in these habitats are negatively impacted by litter and schools can help educate students and even parents on the importance of keeping our communities litter free.

For this challenge, your school will hold a litter cleanup! This cleanup can be on your grounds or you can go off-site to an area in need.

When conducting the cleanup, think about:

  • What types of litter are most common in our area? Drink containers, plastic bags, etc.?

  • Where did this litter come from? Vehicles in the car rider lanes, from students on the playrground, etc.?

  • Is our campus litter-free? Why is it important to keep litter off of the campus?

  • What could we do to prevent people from littering?

Our local Keep America Beautiful chapter, Keep Horry County Beautiful (KHCB) can assist you with all of the equipment and resources that you need for your cleanup, including trash grabbers, bags, vests, signage, and safety information. Click here to visit their Facebook page!

In order to receive points for this challenge, please submit photos and student responses to:

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