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Poster campaign

Must be completed by April 1st!

2 points


Communicating important information in a fun way is a

great strategy to spread awareness about a topic and

poster campaigns have proven to be a great way to

have students get involved. For this challenge, sponsor

a poster campaign at your school that promotes

sustainability, health and wellness, recycling,

composting, environmental stewardship, energy, clean

air, litter, nutrition, or any other topic that students

connect to sustainability at your school.

Other things you could consider doing:

  • Have a panel of judges or the whole school select the top posters and recognize the student creators

  • Share these posters on your social media page or with parents in newsletters

  • Hang posters throughout the school to raise awareness

  • Each grade or class develops their own theme

  • Refresh your cafeteria waste station signs with custom signs created by students encouraging proper sorting

Additional poster campaign ideas:

  • An advertising campaign for your school promoting proper waste sorting

  • Communicate the benefits of recycling

  • What is the life cycle of a plastic bottle? If it is recycled? If it isn't recycled?

  • Helpful tips and tricks for recycling at home

  • How does food waste decompose to become compost?

  • What are the benefits of using compost to grow plants?

  • What are some things you can do to reduce trash?

To receive your challenge points, share some of the posters with HCS Facilities and the HCSWA by emailing images to,

  • Indicate the number of students involved and their grade levels

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