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Da Vinci Da Dumpster

2 points

When your school achieves 25 points in the Talkin' Trash competition you unlock the "Da Vinci Da Dumpster" challenge! This gives your school the opportunity to paint your green commingled recycling dumpster however your school wants! This is a great way to personalize your recycling container and make it reflect the spirit of environmentalism and sustainability at your school.

Please use latex paint to cover the container and paint only the HCSWA green, commingled recycling dumpster. Again, please ONLY the green HCSWA commingled recycling container and do not paint the landfill trash dumpster or any compost roll carts. Please be mindful of the immediate area and take measures such as drop cloths or tarps to prevent spills and splatters on the ground and any nearby walls, fences, or other equipment. Paint and supplies are not provided by HCS Facilities or the HCSWA.

When you have finished painting your recycling dumpster, please email a photo of the painted container and notify the HCSWA at

Bruce Refuse, the Talkin' Trash mascot, will want to come check out the new paint job! Bruce will probably want to get some photos with the artists too.

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